ClipboardSpeaker 1.0

Intended as an aid for the visually impaired, this program uses the Microsoft text-to-speech capability to speak any text that is in the clipboard. When set up with a hotkey to run it, the user can simply select the text to be read, press control-C and then the hotkey. This is very handy for people who can see where the text is but can not read it without difficulty. As it is read, the current word is shown at the top left and more of the text is shown in the space below it with the current word highlighted.

Getting the program

Clipboard Speaker is available from CNET (use the link below).  WARNING:  After downloading the installation program from CNET, when you run it to perform the actual installation, it will ask you for permission to install other things that you probably don't want.  Each of these will have a prominent Accept button and a Decline button which appears to be grayed out, but which actually works.  Be sure to click the Decline button unless you really want what they are offering.

Download from CNET